A virtual office is an ideal solution that allows you to reduce expenses incurred for renting office space and minimize costs related to the management of the secretariat


We provide:

Our address as the registered address for your company

Secretarial services


Reduced operating costs

A distinct address for your business activities

We are distinguished by:

A good location with excellent communications with the city centre-close to the Natolin metro station (Galeria Ursynów 1st floor)
Close to a 24-hour Post Office - UP Warszawa 78, ul. Belgradzka 42 (100 metres away)
Business hours Mon-Fr 10:00-18:00

Adress Al. KEN 36/112B,
is subject to the following offices:

Urząd Skarbowy Warszawa-Ursynów,
ul. Wynalazek 3, 02-677 Warszawa

ZUS Local office
(is subject to the ZUS III Oddział w Warszawie)
ul. Dembego 23B, 02-796 Warszawa,

Office for m. st. Warszawy-Ursynów,
Al. KEN 61, 02-777 Warszawa.